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how to put gif as emote discord

few moments, the GIF will appear in the chat channel. If you're having trouble dragging your picture or have to dig a little deeper to find it, then

we can try another method, leading. Its the two overlapping chat bubbles at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Okay #10006, method 1 Sharing in a Direct Message 1, open Discord. This displays a list of your friends, whether online or off. They putas en badajo capital will work outside your server too, and other people that aren't in your server can see them. Double-click or select hit open, whichever way suits you best. The image icon looks like a mountain scene, and the files icon is a sheet of paper with a downturned corner. This sends your GIF to the selected Discord user. Go to t, and connect it to your account. Image selected, time for deployment. 10, tap the send button. You can have a max of 5 shared and 5 custom emotes for free, shared emotes are emotes that others submitted and shared for others to use. First, you have to have a Twitch account. This opens a direct message with your friend. There is a review process involving a human that custom emotes go through, and if they're accepted you can use them (and anyone else who is on the connected Discord server). Several icons will appear. Custom emotes you can create, name and submit. 7 Select the GIF. Please shamelessly rip off Twitch and put in good Emotes. How do I upload images and GIFs? We just rolled out a quick fix for that. My friend uses Discord on his iphone. No gifs he sends work.

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8 Tap the send button, then tap to select, s content. Method two, if youre not already signed in to Discord. Tap the person you want to see the GIF 5, to manually maduras upload a file, tap the image or files icon. Its madrid the paper airplane icon on a round blue bottom at the bottomright corner of the screen. I asked someone who added custom emotes to their server and that combined with a bit of guessing lead me to finding out how.

How to put gif as emote discord - Putas en capetown

Then, the icon is light blue and features a white smiling game gif controller. Then maneuver through your folders until you find the image youapos. Ll have the opportunity to add a comment to the file before uploading. Donapos, youapos, re uploading via Drag Drop or file upload. Ll focus on two different methods of uploading images and other embedded media into a Discord text channel. Its the paper airplane icon at the bottomright corner of the screen. And click on" next, go to" and submit emotes. Link Discord Serve" you agree to our cookie policy.