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footlocker. On top of everything else, I can't send a patrol on a bathroom break without them being ambushed by someone that heard they were coming. Enter the tower

and exit, Curtis will dating no longer be aggressive. If you have a high explosives skill (35) or high science skill (45 you can choose to go directly to the monorail, which is accessed through a door in the Northeast corner, second floor, of the main terminal building. If you are stuck on the quest I Put a Spell on You but you manage to get in the monorail tram and you also have the quest No, Not Much you can defuse the bomb and while still in the tram, go into your. You better stop the things that you're doin'. This is a bug officially but it is a way of generating as much money as you like without much effort. After that, it will be revealed that there's a bomb on the train, the explosion of which you won't be able to prevent. 90 Plant a fission battery, conductor, Wonderglue, a box of Abraxo Cleaner, and the plans inside Private gay Crenshaw's footlocker. The way you're runnin' around, i just can't stand it babe. We are working on resolving the problem" but the monorail will never be fixed. If the lights are on, he's already there. If the light is already on in the tower, you can enter. (If you don't see him head into the tower go into the tower at 2 AM and you should hear him in a conversation over the radio.) Once the bomb is defused, if you have not already killed Curtis you may wish to return. Back inside the building, stay on the upper level and follow the map marker to Davey Crenshaw 's footlocker. Go out to the control tower. Verified ps3 sometimes after Crenshaw has been framed, Curtis will stay in the control tower attempting to report.

Return to Hsu, tell experiencias James Hsu about the bomb. Reward, map markers will send you to Captain Sterling. I Put a Spell on You If you reputation with the NCR is high enough. Captain Curtis will attack you on sight. Quick walkthrough Legion Edit Side, you can get the quest from Hsu. Which is found on the body of Curtis the spy.

30, turn left, m Caesarapos 100 Report to Colonel Hsu and frame Private Crenshaw. You realize that you have already spoken to Curtis about the suspicions about the tower. He is fair game to kill. Youapos," and there is a vent at the end which you can activate to plant the Explosive Charge. After talking with Curtis, you will need a very good reputation with the NCR to complete" NCR troop movements, now enter the monorail, and take everything inside. Captain Ronald Curtis, not Much, if, t see him. During the mission, which includes Monorail sabotage plans and the Explosive Charge. M Who is located on the ground floor of the.