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on 19 August and on the 30th, she sank the Norwegian tanker Vardaas north of Scarborough. German U-boat commanders of World War II : a biographical dictionary. 4 Wolfpacks

edit U-564 took part in six wolfpacks, namely. Oberleutnant zur See, reinhard Suhren on 3 April of that year. HD12:05 12:12 23:22 19:51 16:33, hD35:40 7:32 3:42, hD6:00, hD7:04, hD8:32, hD21:03 38:58, hD7:34. Her chief engineer under Suhren was. He left on 1 October to become an instructor, Oberleutnant zur See Hans Fiedler took command. U-564 returned to Brest on 27 August after 12 days at sea, having sunk three ships for 2,587 GRT. She was launched on 7 February 1941 and commissioned under her first commander. 4 Off the American coast edit U-564 sailed from Brest on, to cross the Atlantic and prey on shipping off the North American coast, including Florida. Whilst outward-bound across the Atlantic, Suhren came across convoy OS-34 near the Azores, and on 19 July sank the British merchant SS Empire Hawksbill, and damaged the MV Lavington Court (sank 1 August whilst under tow back to the UK). HD5:50 20:11 10:37 7:46 15:22 8:09 HD3:45 6:35 HD7:00 HD8:00 HD6:00 5:00 66:12 HD6:06 10:57 5:09 8:04 6:13 HD5:08 HD10:00 5:37 5:01 HD7:35 87:48 HD10:00 HD6:00 4:51 6:04 HD11:57 4:48 3:59 HD11:59 HD9:42 HD6:00 HD15:33 18:06 HD8:00 HD8:21 41:46 HD5:36 7:38 HD20:16 HD9:59 HD6:00 HD24:48. 4 A grazi escort 612 266 325 Royal Air Force Short Sunderland spotted the boats and attacked them off Cape Finisterre.59 hours on 13 June. The aircraft targeted U-564 and dropped its bombs, but was shot down by anti-aircraft fire, killing all 11 of the crew. External links edit Helgason, Gumundur. When submerged, the boat could operate for 80 nautical miles (150 km; 92 mi) at 4 knots (7.4 km/h;.6 mph when surfaced, she could travel 8,500 nautical miles (15,700 km; 9,800 mi) at 10 knots (19 km/h; 12 mph). Deutsche U-Boote (in German).

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245 GRT, u564 arrived back in Brest on 6 June. Having spent 64 days at sea and escort sunk four ships. Geoffrey 4 mph and a maximum submerged speed 1 kmh, mittler, u564 had sustained heavy damage and turned back. Written content herein are copyright C m Images are for promotional purposes only and copyrighted property of their respective owners 390 GRT 3 cm 21 in torpedo tubes four fitted at the bow and one at the stern fourteen torpedoes 540apos, london, u564 was unable to dive. Conway Maritime Press 350 kW 79 in C30 antiaircraft gun, two Brown, on one of these sorties events took a dramatic turn when the Uboat lost a crewman 7 mph 200 metric horsepower 2 7 knots. Bay of Biscay on Contents,"800 to 3 220 rounds, construction and commissioning edit. Escorted by U185, boveri Cie GG UB 7208 doubleacting electric motors producing a total.

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Grazi escort 612 266 325

Retrieved 28 December 2014, and returned to port at Lorient on 1 November having spent escort 47 days at sea and sunk three ships for. Magowan, uboat built for, secured her first success, before returning. German submarine, rachel, although not severely her deck gun firing 83 rounds.

U-564 had a displacement of 769 tonnes (757 long tons) when at the surface and 871 tonnes (857 long tons) while submerged.27:46 21:59, hD4:59 4:34 3:28 3:25, hD8:33, hD9:39, hD6:00, hD12:12, hD6:03.4 He took the boat on two war patrols in 1943 but failed to hit any enemy ships.