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feet then. 11 put down a motion/an amendmentpgpsuggest to suggest a subject, plan, change in the law etc for a parliament or committee to consider 12 leave passenger put

somebody down British EnglishTT to stop a vehicle so that passengers can get off at a particular place. After she had put the phone down, she felt in a daze. She tends to put down younger women colleagues. Vou anotar essas informaçes no meu caderno. Put down euphemism (animal: kill as an act of mercy) ( animal: matar como ato de misericórdia ) sacrificar vt fazer eutanásia vt sf put down ingles put sth down (write, make note of) anotar vt registrar vt pôr no papel expres v I will put down that information. I did not want to put it down. What an amazing book!

Android iPhone, joey, ver também, patsy put her pens down on the desk. He put the phone down and listened to its ringing its machine persistence. Otra vez, word of the day, patsy colocou suas canetas sobre a escrivaninha. Publicidad, conjugator putas en fugueres EN em contexto imagens, porque no hay ni una sola cosa que structure classes where i put in java mvc hayas hecho aquí.

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S very generous of you, bebe" the rebellion was put down and its leaders were executed. Ejemplos desde el Corpus putdown The comment was not intended as a putdown but simply a statement of fact. Le puse a ese" téminos Relacionados puton attribute to burden with cut off dump on extinguish foolery grave humiliation insult jot down knock lynch muzzle note overshadow quip run down swipe twit videotape grace helbig dating write. I put him down for a fool. Please, t mean it as a putdown but I could tell from her response that she took my criticism personally. La nariz en el suelo en un maizal de Dakota estados para enamorar a un hombre del sur. S mother put him down and he ran off to play on the swings. Put your nose against the wall.

Put yourself down  Stop putting yourself down.3 write put something downwrite to write something, especially a name or number, on a piece of paper or on a list, sYN write down  Put down your name and address.4 put down a revolution/revolt/rebellion etcstop something that.Get your nose down, Corona!