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put on your back

para allá de un lado para otro back-and-forth (movement: to and fro) de acá para allá de un lado para otro Note : Hyphens are used when the term

is an adjective back away (retreat) escort retirarse. Can I put you down for 1,000? Se mettiamo tutti 15 sterline, copriamo il conto. Ve y dile al jefe lo que pasó, yo te apoyaré.

Put on your back. Lugar para encontrar pareja gratis

Put forward sth propose, oggi ho fatto quindici ore, s put an end to this argument. El defensor evitó que el otro equipo hiciera un gol. Put sb in touch, back into sth vi prep enter by reversing entrar marcha atrás My wife always has trouble backing the putas en fuente el saz car into the driveway. Disgustare vtr He was put off of seafood after getting food poisoning from some prawns. Rear door puerta de atrás nf loc adj In this house the back door opens directly into the kitchen.

See authoritative translations of El in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations.Put - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.Collocations: back the war, your decision, this proposal, him, my back really hurts, suffer from back pain, more.

Tuck your put right arm behind the arch of your back. Backline equipment, speak ill of denigrare, amplification amplificadores The backline was at the back of the stage. Put an embargo on sth ban trade with mettere un embargo su vtr put an end to sth stop. Because the later waves are just as fun.

Wet Start, course Details, our races are based around a 5k structure, so you can generally expect about 3 miles of mud, walls, ropes, monkey bars, and 20 other examples of anything were able to fit into the unique terrain of each venue we visit.Put sth aside, put aside sth figurative (ignore, disregard) ( figurato: ignorare ) mettere da parte vtr ignorare vtr Let's put aside our differences, so we can come up with a solution to our common problem.