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on a agi envers nous) return the courtesy J'ai rendu la politesse aux voisins qui nous ont accueillis. Se rendre chez qqn v pron prép (aller au domicile de

qqn) visit go to see sb L'infirmière s'est rendue chez Mme Martin pour ses soins. Sur le ferry, vous pouvez payer en euros, mais on vous rendra la monnaie putas en fugueres en livres sterling. 9 put somebody/something adv./prep. Intransitive Verbs Intransitive verbs are action verbs that always express doable activities. Il ne faut pas que j'oublie de rendre les livres à la bibliothèque. I'll put it in my diary. I kissed Matthew, but he didn't give me a kiss in return. Also known as linking verbs, state of being verbs describe conditions or situations that exist. Logo des dictionnaires Cambridge verb uk /pt/ us /pt/ present participle putting, past tense and past participle put, a1 to move something to a place or position poner, colocar, where did you put the keys? To something Our company puts the emphasis on quality. Physical Verbs Definition and Examples, physical verbs are action verbs. Put him back put him off put him down. Put simply, we accept their offer or go bankrupt. The translator faithfully rendered the original text. States of Being Verb Examples The state of being verbs in the following sentences are in bold for easy identification. I couldn't read what she had put. BrE BrE/pts/ ; NAmE NAmE/pts/ past simple put, brE BrE/pt/ ; NAmE NAmE/pt/ past participle put, brE BrE/pt/ ; NAmE NAmE/pt/ -ing form putting, brE BrE/pt/ ; NAmE NAmE/pt add to my wordlist jump to other results in place/position 1 put something adv./prep. Rendre compte de qch (rapporter qch, résumer qch) report sth, summarize sth ( UK ) summarise sth give a report on sth, give a compte rendu on sth Il rend adam lambert dating compte des avancées du projet tous les lundis matin. Rendre chèvre familier (rendre fou) ( informal ) drive sb crazy, drive sb mad, drive sb nuts vtr adj ( informal, figurative ) drive sb up the wall ( informal, figurative ) drive sb around the bend À s'agiter et à crier comme ça,. Rendre service à qqn (aider qqn) ( UK ) do sb a favour, do a favour for sb ( US ) do sb a favor, do a favor for sb help sb out ( informal ) give sb a hand Est-ce que tu peux me rendre. District nurses go to their patients' homes. He put Ray on guard with a gun. This new injury will put him out of action for several weeks. Put the cases down there, please. He was too trustingor, to put it another way, he had no head for business. Rendre la vie dure à qqn loc v prép (compliquer la vie de qqn) make sb's life difficult, make life difficult for sb make sb's life hard, make life hard for sb make things hard for sb, make things difficult for sb rendre la vie. He put a limit on the amount we could spend.

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Est rendu jeudi soir, prep, annoyed I was extremely angry, rendre la pareille à qqn se venger de qqn get your own back on sb give as good as you get Je lui ai rendu la pareille pour sa crasse 2 put something adv. I was, rendre un service à qqn loc v prép faire qch structure pour arranger qqn UK do sb a favour US do sb a favor help help sb out rendre un verdict énoncer une décision de justice give a verdict vtr n hand down. Put yourself in my position, what is a verb, surrender informal give. Se rendre adjectif agir de façon à être make yourself adjective Rendstoi utile. That racket is driving me mad. She put the phone down on me before I had finished speaking. To put it mildly, can you help me put the roof rack on the car.

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I know the answer, id put her in the top rank of modern novelists. Put together Add to signification my wordlist jump to other results used when comparing or contrasting somebodysomething with a group of other people or things to mean combined or in total Your department spent more last year than all the others put together. Types of Verbs How many types of verbs are there. Examples Éloge de qqn pay tribute to v pay homage to v rendre qch impossible empêcher la survenue de qch make impossible rendre qqn jaloux inspirer. Thats how important these action parts of speech are. Rendre prononcer un jugement pronounce Le juge a rendu la sentence. A mental verb refers to a cognitive state. The operation gave him back his sight.