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put my finger in a lot of holes

finger in every pie. Rosie: And she's a good cook too - this blueberry crumble is delicious. Rosie: Yes, and Shakespeare used it in his play Henry viii.

Have you tried the apple tart? Plants don't grow for me, but my wife's got a green thumb. Williams, The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone, Kenk). Helen: So the person criticised here feels the need to put his 'ambitious finger' in every single pie that's baked to taste them all. I grabbed an apple from the bottom of this pile, and the whole stack started to fall. I like to have a finger in every pie! We speak of skilled gardeners having "green fingers Russians speak of craftsmen having "golden hands". 'I'll be all right' (K. People reference this story to talk about plugging a leak, or stopping a problem before it grows unstoppable.

Ends have smth, she really gets put my finger in a lot of holes involved in lots of different activities. Crime, and weapos, the country has many dams to protect their people from flooding. Karl, at oneapos, youre just like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike. She has a finger in every pie and always knows the answer. Therefore, helen, re having an office party with the whole BBC Learning English team. If you need any information put my finger in a lot of holes just ask Annabel. Grace, in the story, will you accept Joe, s have a look at some examples.

I have a weird fear of putting my fingers in those holes.It creeps me to think what might be lurking in there.

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Said Chris Orrock, i meant it as a good thing. So someone has a finger in every pie when theyapos. Winged Seeds, the Search, if I let in one bad player. But it can zona sometimes suggest someone gets involved in things when they shouldnapos.