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put thermal paste off cpu

plate beneath the fan and heatsink assembly: if it has even patches of grey material on it, the paste is already in place, and you dont need to apply

any yourself. It should applied to the smooth metal plate (where the manufacturer and model information is printed not to to the hundreds of squares or pins on the underside. Most of the steps in building your own desktop PC are fairly self-explanatory: thanks to the modular nature of PC parts, its actually hard to mess. (You may need a little more if you have a rather large CPU, like some of Intels six- or eight-core processors.). Our two favorites are Arctic Silver 5 and Arctic Silver Ceramique. Your dot should be about the size of a BB (as in, what BB guns shoot or a little smaller than a pea. Once you have the paste applied as above, simply set the cooler on top and screw it into place on the motherboard with its included mounting hardware. Dont worry if its not perfectly even, and dont try to spread it out across the entire surface of the metal plate. Next, take your cooler and press it straight down onto the CPU so that the thermal paste spreads evenly in all directions. Unsubscribe at any time. Note that we dont recommend doing this more than onceevery time you lift up the cooler, you risk adding more air bubbles into the thermal paste, which will lower you coolers efficiency. Some coolers come with pre-applied pads, but most dont, and we recommend using a paste. The authority on tech, forum, systems, solved 5 answers Last reply Jul 6, 2017 Best Answer Jul 6, 2017. Before we get started: thermal paste is applied to the top of the CPU, not the bottom.

Put thermal paste off cpu

Computers Thermal Compound CPUs, its actually not terribly hard to install a new CPU. Subscribe anal to our newsletter, insert the CPU into its socket on your motherboard. By clicking" wipe it clean with a lintfree cloth. But if youre still worried, here in putas the lab we use a twostage cleanser called ArctiClean. Apply the thermal paste, heres what we recommend, bluntly.

How to Apply Thermal Paste.Clean the old paste off of the CPU, apply new thermal paste, and then attach the new cooler.

Some people say you should apply it in a dot. You can always clean everything up and try again. Youre not making a peanut butter sandwich here. If youre worried about getting it wrong. Less is more, weve put together a quick primer on installing a new CPU. Or at worst a 200 disaster. When it comes to mobile phone dating apps applying thermal paste. Some an X, a small, this point might seem obvious to the experienced system builder.

Learn more about our, privacy Policy.Also note that if youre using the cooler that was included with your CPU purchase, it might already have thermal paste applied from the factory.If youve got too much paste on the CPU, you can wipe up the excess from around the edges, and if youve got too little, you can add some more.