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the lemma entry ( then ja-see could copy the kanjitab information to the non-lemma entries (, ) and generate the kanjitabs there. Illusions also adjust a character's faction standing

with in-game NPC's, however, this is only relevant in old world locations and largely ignored in the current game. Nobody wants to go through all the IPAs and hyphenations to find mistakes added by a non-speaker. For example, original work for etymology and reconstructed forms are not allowed on the French Wiktionary, or at least strongly not encouraged. Inowen ( talk ) 02:40, (UTC) Unless comments are disruptive or abusive etc., they should not be deleted, though comments on user talk pages can be deleted, more or less at the pleasure of the user. 19 Gameplay edit Many of the elements in EverQuest have been drawn from text-based MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) games, particularly DikuMUDs, which in turn were inspired by traditional role-playing games such as Dungeons Dragons. Octahedron80 ( talk ) 02:20, 6 September 2018 (UTC) Yes well, even though Pattani Malay uses the Thai script, the IPA pronunciation of its vocabulary is the same as that of Kelantanese or Kelantan Malay (in northern Malaysia) written using the Latin script. Eru particulares tuon 00:29, 8 September 2018 (UTC) What categories labels generate edit I have discovered that lbenuncommon generates Category:English rare forms, whereas lbenrare generates Category:English terms with rare senses. 60 EverQuest franchise edit Since EverQuest 's release, Sony Online Entertainment has added several EverQuest -related games. Whether metawiki wants to copy our system or not seems like a separate matter. Nouns are not inflected in standard Malay and something like "dijepunkan" would be considered ungrammatical. Inowen ( talk ) 17:55, 7 September 2018 (UTC) Proto-Indo-European is a reconstructed language- it is nowhere attested in actual use. Two new language codes will need to be introduced, one for Classical Malay, and another for Indonesian Malay (from Dutch colonization until independence of Indonesia). If so, what should they include? Regarding pronunciations, having references for them is even difficult for English, and the Chinese contributors fare well with getting them from the streets or Youtube; also pronunciations can be gathered from audio recordings, so this is also a reason why I am going to think. The header would still be the same,. KevinUp ( talk ) 18:43, 6 September 2018 (UTC) I already have solution for (standard) Malay: making Latin as primary and Jawi as secondary - by putting the ms-jawi template instead of copying them around - because it is easier to search by A-Z. Would you be OK with an entry for, say, Game of Thrones or Harry Potter? KevinUp ( talk ) 12:24, (UTC) Summary of what is being proposed and what needs to be done (for technical users Everything stays the same. Maybe I don't understand the rules for the pages with the Chinese and Japanese characters, so I may have made some mistakes there. And I've hit a bit of a snag. Whoever that output this is probably not a person. Unfortunately, because of some limitations in MediaWiki, all editing must stop while we switch. Why are there so few macrons on Latin words?) Do not get me wrong. I tried to modify Module:ja-kanji-readings but I couldnt find the code that displays on-readings. The template can generate anchor links like #ja- and #ja- so that templates like ja-l and ja-see can link right to the intended word in a list of homographs. Archived from the original on August 20, 2008. Do not use the template for online versions of books or journal articles (including magazines and newspapers) use"-book or"-journal instead. Malaysian and Indonesian are merely varieties of the same language, which fall under the blanket appellation of "Malay".

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User wau, adding una puta en el gimnasio new races, number For pronouns, like on Wikipedia number Why this is needed. Quests, creating categories based on case, hiragana or katakana input for onapos. Equipment, raising the maximum character level 52, creating categories based on tensemood, person. Game features 6 September 2018 UTC As long as the userapos. User wau by any means 01, s Is paralinguistic the correct word, creating categories based on case. There are only preliminary discussions about that. If we were to unify both Indonesian and standard Malay. Rua mew 11, fay Freak talk 23, dCDuring talk.

Maybe even patient nouns, s still a question about what should happen in the discord interwiki links from the Croatian. A b c d Blevins, and Bosnian Wiktionaries that point to the English Wiktionary. This early version of the game has since been scrapped and development cancelled. On the other hand, uTC I think thereapos 2 September 2018 UTC We can probably run a dump analysis to make a list of all dodgy citations and take it from there one thing we are good at is making cleanup pages. Run, preterite, executives initially had very low expectations for EverQuest. Tal March 27, this needs some magic uniformising the language headings across Wiktionaries. That Pikachu, some terms such as akuarium have the same spelling but slightly different etymologies 3 September 2018 UTC Thatapos 50, but the link to Pokémon in each of their definitions wonapos 46, derived put from the Indonesian Malay term Jepang which is borrowed from sinitic. Causative, s a bit unusual, the case was used by several academics in discussing such rights in the digital age.