Tortellini, machine the origin of tortellini is disputed; both, bologna and Modena, cities in Italy's Emilia-Romagna region, claim to be its birthplace.Emilia (in particular, bologna and, modena they are usually served in broth ( in brodo either of beef, chicken, or both.MY latest recipes, what is the difference between a tortellini and a tortelloni?

Both tortellini and tortelloni are commonly filled with cheese or vegetable fillings.Ravioli can be square or circular, but they are formed by pressing two pieces of dough together around a filling.7 Although either can be filled with a wide variety of foods, meat-based filling is less common in tortelloni.

Italian Sausage, tortellini is bursting with flavor.So, in this one instance, i do not recommend the low-sodium options. .