Circle of Magi or any Dalish tutors (though he has had contact with clans during his travels 1 Solas taught himself how to master his magical abilities.Solas is an elven apostate hedge mage and an expert on the, fade.

He decides right then that he needs to break off his emotional entanglement with the Inquisitor, as much as it hurts him.11 1974 version edit In 1974 a completely new Convention was adopted to allow solas to be amended and implemented within a reasonable timescale, instead of the previous procedure to incorporate amendments, which proved to be very slow.232 Noted when confronting Solas about his commitment to the elves, as a Dalish elf on the "disapproval" relationship path.

The next, I see an army overwhelmed and a veteran commander refusing to let more soldiers die in a lost cause." Codex entries Codex entry: Solas Codex entry: The Rotunda and the Fresco Codex entry: On Skyhold Gallery References.0.1.2 Patrick Weekes.1, before the events that led to the formation of the Inquisition, he spent most of his life wandering the wilderness, and although his pointed ears mark him as one of the.