To bet or wager: to put two dollars on a horse.To turn in a different direction.

Punsetes tu puto grupo

dijo Vigalondo : Me conformo con vivir cómodamente y sin lujos, hacer una película al año, cosas pequeñitas e independientes que me vayan saliendo. Sí; quiero un billete único?

Sandra arenys putas

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Ps3 super slim put over ps4

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Cocaina y putas

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To assume insincerely or falsely; pretend.Put to it, to be confronted with a problem; have difficulty: We were put to it to find the missing notebook.

To confuse or perturb; disconcert; repel: We were put off by the book's abusive tone.Also set put out of the way; place to one side: Put aside your books and come for a walk.