This is a relationship between something and a class that the thing.Org type "Event "eventStatus "location type "Place "address type "PostalAddress "addressLocality "Denver "addressRegion "CO "postalCode "80209 "streetAddress "7.GeospatiallyCoveredBy GeospatialGeometry or Place Represents a relationship between two geometries (or the places they represent relating a geometry to another that covers.

Org typeof"Place" h1 What is the latitude and longitude of the span property"name" Empire State Answer: div property"geo" typeof"GeoCoordinates" Latitude: 40 deg 44 min.36 sec N Longitude: 73 deg 59 min.5 dec W meta property"latitude" content"40.75" / meta property"longitude" content"73.98" / /div /div.IsAccessibleForFree Boolean A flag to signal that the item, event, or place is accessible for free.

"addressLocality" : "Providence "addressRegion" : "RI "postalCode" : "02903 "addressCountry" : "US", "offers" : type" : "Offer "name" : "General Admission "price" : "63.25 "availability" : "SoldOut "url" : "m/event/17004C29", type" : "Offer "name" : "VIP Experience "url" : "m/Abcde12345 "price" : "299.00 "validFrom".span div property"address" typeof"PostalAddress" span Highway 98 /span span Beach /span, span /div Phone: span property"telephone" /span /div script type"application/ldjson" context "http schema.