For example, a person may be paroled if they have a request for medical care that involves experimental treatment or medical trials from which a larger community in the United States may benefit.See parol, related formsparolable, adjectiveunparolable, adjectiveunparoled, adjective parole 2 pa-rawl / parl / noun French.

"Forum: Parole and Sentencing Reform in Virginia." 1995.Submitting Evidence The petitioner must show, through the parole request and supporting evidence, that the beneficiary qualifies for parole and merits a favorable exercise of discretion.

International Law George Grafton Wilson and George Fox Tucker Shall a hostage on parole make sketches of a fort and send them to his friends, who in turn pass them on to a foolish general?A powerful "truth in sentencing" movement has been successful in many states.