The other categories are branco White negro Black amarelo yellow meaning East Asians and indígena indigene" or "indigenous person meaning Amerindians )."A Carta, de Pero Vaz de Caminha" (PDF).I -da adjetivo LT; color GT; dun, brownish-gray* II -da masculino, femenino ( RPl pey ) offensive term for a person of mixed race * * * fawn.

Pardo catalogo

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According to ibge (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics 9 pardo is a broad classification that encompasses Multiracial Brazilians such as mulatos and cafuzos, as well as assimilated Amerindians known as caboclos, mixed with Europeans or not.Cómo vas a amonestar a un oso pardo?"Project muse - Vanishing Indians: The Social Construction of Race in Colonial So Paulo".

Is a descendant of the native gentiles of the land.3, the historian Maria Leônia Chaves de Resende says that the word pardo was used to classify people with partial or full Amerindian ancestry.