Used with numerals to designate the number of pregnancies that have resulted in the birth of viable offspring, as para 0 (nonenullipara para, i (oneunipara para, iI (twobipara para, iII (threetripara para, iV (fourquadripara).Prefix denoting a departure from the normal.What's it for?; por qué no se lo dices?

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) a woman who has produced one or more viable offspring.Call now (205) 562-9133, login, get your Sweet Tea tickets now!Prefix denoting adjacent, beside, near.

In chemistry, an italicized prefix denoting two substitutions in the benzene ring arranged symmetrically, that is, linked to opposite carbon atoms in the ring.Prefix denoting involvement of two like parts or a pair.Para followed by a roman numeral or preceded by a Latin prefix (primi-, secundi-, terti-, quadri-, etc.) designates the number of times a pregnancy has culminated in a single or multiple birth; for example, para, i, primipara, a woman who has given birth for the.