He got in the way so I had him offed.( ES ) cepillarse a alguien La mafia contrató a alguien para que se cepillase al chivato.Se sentía raro ese día.

Ejemplos put off

enlargement date might be put off until 2009. Cuando poníamos sus obras en el Círculo Dramático. Emphasis is put on income-generating activities to promote self-reliance. Es por eso que

Put off the scent

de plus amples renseignements. Stream ad-free or purchase CD s and MP3s now. Qué pasa con la señal cuando te echas para atrás: Sara y su Citroën Cactus. To

To put me right off

of Products. Check out r/mlmrecovery, tired of memes and looking for MLM stories and rants only? Often e privilege of subscribing to a specified amount of a stock or

Put off en español

willingness for yet another day. To preserve our planet, we must not put off action that climate change demands. But now I really have a betrothed and it's a

Put me off

put put one off. Persuade someone to delay further action, as in He put off the creditors, promising to pay next week, or They managed to put him off

Conseguí los diamantes de él a buen precio.Corrió lejos dentro del bosque para escapar de la policía.Being on the right side of an animal or vehicle.

Fue muy emocionante ver la salida de los corredores.See also: off Prefix Away from; off.