See if you can order 3 mil bags.Then the shooter can know exactly how many clicks to correct based on what he sees in the reticle.The group size on target in milliradians can be obtained by measuring the spread of the rounds on target in millimeters with a caliper and dividing by the shooting distance in meters.

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In, kartotéka Novočeského lexikálního archivu, swedish edit, abbreviation edit mil.For example, with a certain.308 load and firearm combination, the bullet may drop 13 mils at 1000 meters (13 meters).

Speciality scopes.25/10 mil, 1/8 and.5/10 mil are used in speciality scope sights for extreme precision at fixed target ranges such as benchrest shooting.Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.Right : A milliradian corresponds to 1/1000 of the angle of a radian.