Verb liv lived; living intransitive verb 1 : to be alive : have the life of an animal or plant one of the greatest writers who ever lived 2 : to continue alive lived to a ripe and vigorous old age 3 : to maintain.Watch black-ish brainstorm videos now, the winner of ABC's digital talent competition is here!Of, relating to, or during the life of a living being: the animal's live weight.

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Transitive verb 1 : to pass through or spend the duration of lived their lives alone 2 : act out, practice often used with out to live out their fantasies 3 : to exhibit vigor, gusto, or enthusiasm in lived life to the fullest.What do hunting and sexual desires have in common?Monetize your video behind a paywall, via an OTT subscription service and apps, integrate Google DFP for ad insertion, or gather valuable data from your viewers using lead capture.

Reach your audience across multiple social media platforms.To have life, as an organism; be alive; be capable of vital functions: all things that live.