A b "Haystack Define Haystack at m".If the weather is too wet, the cut hay may spoil in the field before it can be baled.The American Peoples Encyclopedia.

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In recent times, some producers have experimented with human sewage sludge to grow hay.However, turning the hay too often or too roughly can also cause drying leaf matter to fall off, reducing the nutrients available to animals.Karen Spivey and Jackie Nix.

Hay requires protection from weather, and is optimally stored inside buildings, 24 :89 but weather protection is also provided in other ways involving outdoor storage, either in haystacks or in large tight bales (round or rectangular these methods all depend on the surface.Hayfields do not have to be reseeded each year in the way that grain crops are, but regular fertilizing is usually desirable, and overseeding a field every few years helps increase yield.