11 References edit Profile of Sección Femenina in Palencia 's Provincial Historical Archive's website Synopsis of the article From the creation of Sección Femenina to the 1936 electoral campaign: modalities of intervention of Falangist women in the public sphere by Christine Lavail in the University.Social Service for Women a compulsory female equivalent of the Francoist military service centered in housework.Falange political movement in, spain.

Following, general Franco 's death and the beginning of the transition to democracy it was disbanded on together with all.We can do no more than interpret what men present.

7 Isabella I of Castile and Saint Teresa of Ávila served as Sección Femenina's inspirational models.Además, el Centro de Productividad de Chipre ejecuta programas de formación profesional de la fuerza de trabajo femenina inactiva.History edit, sección Femenina was conceived from the beginning as an extension of the domestic role of women to the public sphere, though it took part in political activities during the 1936 election 's campaign.