She has such a baby face, you'd never guess she was in her thirties.Angel face (young or innocent facial features) carita de ángel My girl has an angel face.

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Keep a straight face informal (look serious, avoid smiling) poner la cara seria I couldn't keep a straight face when she said she was a virgin.Cut off your nose to spite your face figurative (put self at disadvantage through spite) ( coloquial ) tirar piedras contra su propio tejado etch lines on sb's face figurative (time, etc.: age sb) ( tiempo ) dejar huellas en la piel de ( tiempo figurado ).In the face of death (when confronting death) enfrentarse con la muerte A bullfighter stands in the face of death every time he goes into the ring.

Face (grimace) mueca, stop pulling faces!In the face figurative (head on, directly) ( figurado ) frente a adv prep enfrente He stared death in the face when he came off his motorcycle.