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Put your gun down

carry in Halo 5: Guardians. Put your guns down, shoot a few rounds. Niggas never grow up, some drink till they throw. In Halo: Reach, if the player Alert

Put down breakers

ground wire necessary? This means they are in the ON position. Current is equal to voltage divided by resistance (commonly written. As a practical matter in household electric circuits

The car broke down on the way home."Rationality, Activity and Faith".Il faut que je me mette au travail et que je plante les graines.

Bolt sth down (fasten, secure sth) atornillar Bolt down that metal plate so that it doesn't vibrate.Está demostrados por diversos estudios que, cuánto más pronto el niño sea guiado por sus padres de esta forma, mayor probabilidad tendrá de poder desarrollarse al máximo de sus posibilidades.Back down (give in, yield) ( figurado ) echarse atrás dar marcha atrás, echar marcha atrás Despite the evidence, he refused to back down.