88 Cyrus the Great is said in the Bible to have liberated the Jews from the Babylonian captivity to resettle and rebuild Jerusalem, earning him an honored place in Judaism.Stories of the East From Herodotus.

However, Harpagus contacted Cyrus and encouraged his revolt against Media, before eventually defecting along with several of the nobility and a portion of the army." Cyrus the Messiah".

Richard Nelson Frye (1963).10 (PDF) The Harran Stelae H2 A, and the Nabonidus Chronicle (Seventeenth year) show that Nabonidus had been in Babylon before October 10, 539, because he had already returned from Harran and had participated in the Akitu of Nissanu 1 April 4, 539.83 According to the Chronicle of Michael the Syrian (11661199 AD) Cyrus was killed by his wife Tomyris, queen of the Massagetae (Maksata in the 60th year of Jewish captivity.