Preposition edit con with 2000, Domingo Frades Gaspar, Vamus a falal: Notas pâ coñocel y platical en nosa fala (in Fala Editora regional da Extremadura, Chapter 2: Númerus: Cumu to é custión de proporciós, sin que sirva de argumentu por nun fel falta, poemus vel.1963, D'Arcy Niland, Dadda jumped over two elephants: short stories : The hawk rested on a crag of the gorge and conned the terrain with a fierce and frowning eye.Since the beginning of June there have been 39 burglaries in which thieves have conned their way into homes.

Most of these reports were of tourists being conned or swindled.Cum, with, together con, see.

City of York Trading Standards is often at its busiest in the festive season investigating scams and cons that can spoil many people's Christmas.SLI / Grupo talg / ILG.