Example of Capital While money is used to purchase goods and services for consumption, capital is more durable and is used to generate wealth through investment.Besides being used in production, capital can be rented out for a monthly or annual fee to generate income, and it can be sold when it is no longer needed.Capital is a term for financial assets, such as funds held in deposit accounts, as well as for tangible factors of production,.e.

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Equity Capital Equity capital is based on investments that, unlike debt capital, do not need to be repaid.The assertion of property rights designates the value of the associated capital.

Money People often interchange the words " capital " and "money believing they mean the same thing.Readers should consult those entries for the various meanings of capital, but can be assured that they all end in al, rather than.Note that the word capital as used to describe an uppercase letter, like in the phrase capital "C", utilizes capital.