As his proposals were resolutely spurned by the pious Christian virgin, he committed her to the charge of an evil woman, whose seductive arts, however, were baffled by Agatha's unswerving firmness in the Christian faith.Nederland en zelfs daarbuiten.Agatha is recorded on 5 February.

In the sixth century.This same church was given the Arian Goths by Rieimer and was restored to Catholic worship by Pope Gregory I (590-604).Agatha (P.L., xiii, 403 sqq.; Ihm, Damasi Epigrammata, 75, Leipzig, 1895).

Etna she is invoked against the eruptions of the volcano, as elsewhere against fire and lightning.In The Catholic Encyclopedia.In some places bread and water are blessed during Mass on her feast after the Consecration, and called Agatha bread.